Things to visit and know when going to Stockholm

When you are visiting Stockholm in Sweden regardless of the reason, there are things you should know and places that are worth a visit.

Stockholm is a city that is spread across countless small islands that forms an archipelago. The city is the capital of Sweden and consists of natural beauty, old buildings and outstanding restaurants. It is an obvious travel destination for urban exploring and enjoying life, a trip to Stockholm is not a budget destination.
Go on adventures in Sweden while you are there.

Public transportation runs smoothly, but it is busy during some times when people are going and coming from work.
When you are using the metro you should take some time to appreciate the artwork, it is unique for each station and all stations acts as a large art gallery together.

If you are staying a longer while in Stockholm you should check out apartments for a long stay in Stockholm.
There is lots of places to choose between but apartments old town is often popular because of its close to the center.

Finding accommodation can be confusing, but you should know that it is easy to get around with the commute. Using the local lines gets you where you want to be quickly.
At summer the town gets empty like a ghost town because swedes take holidays seriously and travel to the countryside for vacations.

From November to March you can expect the ground to be covered in melted snow and grit, swedes calls this slask, but it is a normal view.
Make sure that you bring along sturdy shoes or boots at winter because the slask can leave marks on your footwear.

Use public transport when you travel from Arlanda airport, it is cheaper and gets you to the city center in a fair amount of time. You get the ticket through the SL app in your smartphone.
Also, don’t bring cash to Sweden, especially Stockholm aims to be cash-free and there is lots of places that don’t take cash.